People Of Excellence Conference

This conference focuses on helping people rise to their full potential in Christ Jesus. It emphasizes the believer’s role in learning how to relate to the indwelling Holy Spirit, how to exercise courageous spiritual freedom   and how   to make sound Spirit lead choices. E. Michal Gayer presents this conference as a highly motivational and inspirational drawing of people into new depths of personal spiritual growth.

Because courageous spiritual freedom and depth of spiritual maturity play such important roles in living within the will of God and operating by His power, two powerful and   highly motivational   single teachings by E. Michal Gayer become the main support materials for this conference. Those interested in moving deeper into the subject are referred to the teachings Courageous Spiritual Freedom and Out of the House and Into the Garden listed in our bookstore. These teachings reflect the underlying focus of the People of Excellence Conference which emphasizes that people must learn how to let God be God in their lives in order to move beyond the ordinary into a truly Spirit-filled life.



The conference is an energized teaching on living by God’s power. Be sure to visit:
Spiritual Awakening

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