Narrow Gate Leader’s Manual


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Narrow Gate Leader’s Manual and Student Study Guide

by E. Michal Gayer

This manual is designed to facilitate the study of the book Narrow Gate Understanding Biblical Healing and the Narrow Gate Biblical Healing School as presented by E. Michal Gayer in multimedia format. It is an extremely valuable tool for pastors and lay leaders who use the book or Healing School CDs/DVDs as a Sunday school or special week-night teaching series. Paralleling the chapters in the book and the material presented in the multimedia Healing School presentation, the manual contains five study exercises suitable for both individual and group studies: Fill-in-the Blanks Review, Discussion Questions, Scripture Memory Verses, Word and Witness Journal, and Special Activities for each session. The Leader’s Manual also contains the entire Student Study Guide (featured separately) as an assist for the presentation leader. One Leader’s Manual for the group leader and a personal copy of the Student Study Guide for every person participating in the Healing School is highly recommended.