Narrow Gate Biblical Healing School


The Narrow Gate Biblical Healing School was created and is presented by internationally know Bible teacher E. Michal Gayer. The school is presented in churches all across the United States offered as a one day teaching event or through multiple sessions spread over several days.

The multi-session teachings present complex and important truths about Biblical healing with easy-to-grasp clarity. An abundance of practical Biblical knowledge is made available while at the same time unfolding a highly useful and comprehensive understanding of Biblical healing. The teachings aim at separating myth from fact, replacing error with truth and elevating the understanding of Biblical healing. This dynamic, comprehensive and in-depth study will help equip pastors and laymen alike in developing a solid, practical and applicable understanding of Biblical healing that will be highly useful in ministry to the sick and in assisting people to become better positioned to receive healing from God.

Using the book Narrow Gate Understanding Biblical Healing, by E. Michal Gayer, as its main teaching textbook and the healing reference scripture book Convinced By The Word Healed By God, also by E. Michal Gayer, eight powerful teaching sessions are presented in the Narrow Gate Biblical Healing School including:

Session 1 God the Father Our Great Physician
Session 2 Jesus the Way, the Truth and the Life of Healing
Session 3 The Word of God in Healing
Session 4 Appropriating Faith for Healing
Session 5 The Believer’s Role in Healing
Session 6 Prayer for Healing
Session 7 The Holy Spirit and Healing
Session 8 The Healing Anointing

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The Narrow Gate Biblical Healing School has also been put into multimedia DVD format and is now available as either a three hours or eight hours teaching tool for use in churches, Sunday schools, home cell groups, Bible studies, men’s and women’s meetings, Christian schools, Bible Colleges and studies by individuals. Please go to our bookstore and read about these multimedia instruction tools. More expanded and comprehensive information about the Narrow Gate Biblical Healing School is given there.

Multimedia Instruction Packages