Narrow Gate Biblical Healing School Extended Version Multimedia


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Narrow Gate Biblical Healing School
(Extended Version – 8 hours teaching)
by E. Michal Gayer

The Narrow Gate Biblical Healing School, featuring internationally known Bible teacher E. Michal Gayer, has been recorded on DVD and developed into a multimedia instruction curriculum available for use in churches for congregation studies, Sunday schools, home cell groups, Bible studies, men’s and women’s meetings, Christian schools, Bible Colleges and studies by individuals. This highly innovative teaching curriculum presents solid Bible facts in such a way as to provide careful integration into a workable understanding of what the Bible has to say about healing. It aims at separating myth from fact, replacing error with truth and elevating the understanding of Biblical healing. This dynamic, comprehensive and in-depth study will help equip pastors and laymen alike in developing a solid, practical and applicable understanding of Biblical healing that will be highly useful in ministry to the sick and in assisting people to become better positioned to receive healing from God.

The school is offered in two lengths of 3 hours and 8 hours of teaching featuring eight subjects critical to Biblical healing. This extended 8 hours version can be presented in eight teaching sessions (each session is approximately one hour in length). Both versions can be adapted for creative interactive learning activities. The combination Leader’s Manual and Student Study Guide, included in the 8 hour package, assists the leader in presenting the interactive learning activities. Individual copies of the Student Study Guide for each Healing School participant are highly recommended and are sold separately (see Student Study Guide).

The MAIN SUBJECTS presented in the Healing School are: God the Father as Healer; Jesus the Son as Healer; The Word of God in Healing; Appropriating Faith for Healing; The Believer’s Role in Healing; Prayer for Healing; The Holy Spirit and Healing; The Healing Anointing.

The instruction package contains:
1. Narrow Gate Understanding Biblical Healing – instruction book – BNG101
2. Convinced By The Word Healed By God – scripture reference book – BCW100
3. Set of eight teachings – DVDs – STD401
4. Narrow Gate Leader’s Manual and Student Study Guide – MNG201