Healing Leaves Handbook


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Healing Leaves Handbook for Starting a Healing Ministries Program

by E. Michal Gayer

This handbook is designed to assist in the development of a healing ministry program in a church or as a community outreach. The information contained in the manual is drawn from the highly successful  healing ministry known as the   Healing   Rooms of Augusta County, VA    founded by E. Michal Gayer and co-directed by Robert Gayer. Begun as a church ministry and expanded into a community outreach, the information presented stands as a model for local church ministries as well as larger community-wide programs. The manual covers all main aspects of developing a healing ministry including: organization, administration, operation and training. It also presents a unique glimpse into “A Day in the Healing Rooms” providing unusual insight into how a healing ministry operates on a daily bases. Included are over 20 types of guidelines, statistical tracking devices and other forms which can be easily modified for use by a newly emerging healing ministries program.