Experiencing God’s Power And Healing Life Conference


The subject of spiritual power is one of the most fascinating and important aspects in our quest to know, understand and relate to God, but it is quite possibly one of the least understood aspects of life. TheEXPERIENCING GOD’S POWER AND HEALING LIFE CONFERENCE as presented by E. Michal Gayer, addresses personal spiritual growth and maturity by studying five dynamic and essential power principles proclaimed in God’s Word. It aims at encouraging participants to grasp God’s long-range plans and seize the opportunity to experience the personal empowerment associated with being “a new creation in Christ”. Walking in and living by God’s power and healing life are the legacy of every child of God.

This conference teaching sheds important, critical light on the subject of spiritual power by providing sound information intended to inspire personal spiritual growth. Using the word POWER as an acronym, powerful spiritual concepts with life changing potential found in Romans 1:16-17 are examined. The teachings include:
“P” – God’s power PLAN
“O” – God’s OWNERSHIP leading to a relationship of ONENESS
“W” – God’s written WORD and WILL
“E” – God’s power for EVERYONE who believes
“R” – God’s REVEALED power and healing life; God’s POWER
is in the Gospel of Christ.



Biography of E. Michal Gayer

Biography of Bob Gayer

The main curriculum support materials that accompany this teaching conference are the book Vessels of Power God’s Power Connection, by E. Michal Gayer, and the multimedia instruction package Experiencing God’s Power and Healing Life. For further information about these materials visit:
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