Developing Healing Ministry Programs


One of the foundation goals of Lightshine Ministries International is to help churches develop church oriented or community-wide healing outreach programs for people who are sick and in need of healing. To that end the Gayers have traveled to many churches across the United States inspiring movement in that direction.

E. Michal Gayer founded the Healing Rooms of Augusta County, VA in 1993. She and her husband Bob Gayer, having co-directed that work for many years, have gleaned valuable experience, which they gladly pass along in their teaching and training seminars on how to develop and operate a healing ministry. Having begun as a church ministry and expanded into a community outreach, the highly successful Healing Rooms of Augusta County, VA stand as a model for local church ministries as well as larger community-wide programs. The Gayers have successfully trained hundreds of people to pray for and minister to the sick and they have inspired many churches to develop healing outreach programs.

E. Michal Gayer and Bob Gayer are available to come to a church or organization to teach and train people who are interested in developing a healing ministry program. The teaching covers all main aspects of organization, administration and ministry training to enable the listener to have an in-depth view of how to develop and operate a successful healing ministry program.

For additional information or to make arrangements to have a teaching and training session on how to develop a healing ministry program at your church or for your community, contact  the Lightshine Ministries International office. Click here: Contact Us

Michal has also put her insights into a manual and has developed a multimedia DVD teaching on developing a healing ministry program. The instruction manual, that accompanies the presentation, is highly instructional and also contains over 20 valuable pages of guidelines, statistical tracking devices and other forms which can be easily modified for use by a newly emerging healing ministry program.

The Healing Leaves Handbook for Starting a Healing Ministries Program and the companion multimedia instruction are listed in our bookstore . For these and other support materials visit:

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