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Lightshine Ministries International (LMI) is a healing ministry founded by Bob Gayer and E. Michal Gayer. A main focus of this ministry is on providing knowledgeable and insightful Bible study lessons, resource materials, Bible study guides, and Bible study tools. Through the website bookstore, a selection of Bible study lessons, books, manuals, Bible study guides and accelerated Christian education curriculums for use by individuals, churches and teaching institutions is available. Visit the Bookstore.


With a focus on healing ministry and an aim of touching the lives of thousands through the full gospel and healing ministry of Jesus Christ, the Gayers travel extensively throughout the United States teaching in churches and providing specialized teaching conferences including the Narrow Gate Biblical Healing School. Through their World Outreach their healing ministry is now worldwide.

Art by “Michal”

Inspirational Oil Paintings
Christian Photo Art

 Your purchase helps send the Gospel
around the World!


Lightshine Ministries offers a variety of healing ministry and Bible study tools. Visit Bookstore where you will find a selection of booksBible study guides and multimedia curriculum packages. Also available are video Bible study lessons featuring Biblical healing and personal spiritual growth. Companion teaching tools and teaching manuals accompany our accelerated Christian education curriculums and Bible study lessons. Viewed on DVD, the Bible study lessons provide excellent video Bible study for individual and group learning. These powerful Bible study tools can be adapted for both small and large groups. Since the advent of online Bible study, the Lightshine Ministries International Bible study tools have moved into worldwide distribution bringing the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to sick and hurting people all around the world.

The mission and goals of Lightshine Ministries International are accomplished through a variety of healing ministries and outreaches. Our World Outreach is designed to help provide educational materials for church leaders worldwide. To further assist in equipping churches our International Prayer Ministry and Intercessory Prayer Ministries are also available.

Lightshine Ministries International has developed a specialized video Bible study on understanding Biblical healing entitled Narrow Gate Biblical Healing School. It contains teaching videos, Bible study lessons, books and Bibles study guides. Available as an eight hours video Bible study, this comprehensive and dynamic Bible study tool is being used by individuals, in churches, home studies and as a small group Bible study. It dynamically provides accurate and powerful teaching about what the Bible reveals about healing. The emphasis of this video Bible study goes far beyond healing ministry providing a full scope of the Christian gospel message to assist in accelerated Christian education and personal spiritual growth. Visit our Bookstore to learn more about the Narrow Gate Biblical Healing School curriculum. Also be sure to catch a glimpse of this video Bible study by clicking on Video.

Our various menu sites will guide you if you would like to learn more about Lightshine Ministries International as a healing ministry. Be sure to view our Video. A quick visit to our Bookstore will assist you in obtaining powerful Christian Bible study lessonsBible study guides and other Bible study tools for your personal spiritual growth and accelerated Christian education. We would enjoy hearing from you, so be sure to Contact Us.

For your inspiration and personal enjoyment, E. Michal Gayer has made available for purchase oil paintings which she has painted and inspirational photos she has taken. Michal is an enthusiastic oil painting artist whose work is currently on display at the Enduring Moments Art Gallery in Virginia. She has made available for purchase some of her favorite oil paintings which she has created (original/giclee). The Christian photo art, which is also available for purchase, is from Michal’s personal collection taken during her ministry travels throughout the United States. A meaningful and deeply inspirational scripture verse has been printed upon each photo to inspire the viewer.  Be sure to visit Art by Michal to purchase inspirational art for yourself or to give as gifts. Every purchase of Art by Michal and all purchases through the Bookstore contribute to the LMI World Outreach of sending free Bibles and free Christian education materials to people who have great need.





Art by“Michal”


Inspirational Oil Paintings Christian Photo Art


Your purchase helps send the Gospel

 around the World!